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To order prints simply click on the product you would like from the list - which is to the right of the photo. Also, if you hover over the photo in the upper left corner, you will see a "buy" option. Prints typically take 2-4 weeks, ready to hang metal prints take a week or two longer depending on my schedule and my fine art lab. My prints represent the state of the art in materials, craftsmanship, and presentation. You, your family and friends will be amazed by the presentation. If you have a question or want to license an image, please feel free to email me: [email protected]

Here are some examples of various presentation options I offer.

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Sunset over The Quiraing Master - 3000pxThe Quiraing #3 Final Master 2560pxInto the Mystic #4 V2 final 2560pxSupernatural - Into the Mystic #3Into The MysticTrotternish Ridge Light #2Moody Loch EtiveEilean Donan CastleMoonrise Over GarrafadLochan na h-Achlaise #2Killiecrankie Golden Hour 2560pxLoch Ba Reflections #2 2560pxLoch Ba Reflections #1Clouds Over GlencoeLochan na h-Achlaise #1Road to Queens View #1Into the Mystic #2Into the Mystic #4Frozen Reverie - Into the Mystic #6Into the Mystic #7