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Milky Way Twilight Afterglow over The Grand Tetons by Matt Anderson by matt andersonOx Bow Bend #1 by Matt AndersonMoonlight Serenade by matt anderson Mesquite dunes of death valley with the Amargosa Mountains in the distance. Curves, patterns, and shadows captured and constrasted in the moonlight. A single cloudTrotternish Ridge LightBison below the MountainsMoody Loch EtiveGrand Tetons in Fall by matt andersonCandyland, Death Valley NPCandyland #3candyland-2-matt-anderson-2000pxLochan na h-Achlaise #3The Quiraing #3 Final Master 2560pxOx-Bow-Bend-#2-in-Color_whytakebigOx Bow Bend #2 in Black & White_3000pxDaylight Dreams, Mesquite Dunes by Matt AndersonArbelos Path by Matt AndersonClouds Over GlencoeMoulton Barn at SunriseStar Filled Sky over The Grand Tetons #2 by Matt Anderson_3000pxMoonrise-Sligachan-2560px