"When I'm not enamored in digital media you'll find me out exploring the beautiful world with camera in hand! I'm passionate, driven, and extremely motivated."
Matt Anderson is a fine art photographer who has emerged as one of the premier new artists. His world-class imagery, mastery of print production, and superior quality materials have made his exclusive gallery prints a success. His relentless drive toward excellence, attention to detail, and mastery of all things photographic allow his fine art prints to set a new standard.

Matt Anderson uses the latest professional photographic gear and state-of-the-art printing techniques. His images are masterfully developed in a workflow which has been refined over the course of 25 years. The final print is a culmination of an endless pursuit of ultimate quality and presentation. His fine art prints will simply amaze you and those who view your fine art purchase.

Matt Anderson studied at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He has worked as a seasoned artisan in the photographic and digital arts for the past 25 years. He has been an industry trainer and production artist in photography, Photoshop, and printmaking. In his career, he has worked with high-profile advertising agencies, marketing companies, and Fortune 500 clients who are focused on unparalleled quality of digital content, photography, and media.

"Photography, for me, is a mixed bag of juxtaposing ideals and intent. My photographic imagery is a study and exploration, more so an experience into creative pursuits that provide unending joy, passion, and healing. Traveling, meeting & listening to people, experiencing new locations and cultures. Enlightenment through adventure, and discernment by re-evaluating possible jejune prejudice of how I thought the “world” “is” or exists. Experience happens to be the best mentor for me. What do I attempt to communicate with my photography ? I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t partially motivated by impressionable validation. Additionally, while the capture stage is “experiencing & humble learning” based, post processing (development) is incessantly deliberate in intention and temper. My final print is derived from a tangible and regimented recipe; a creative direction based on memory, mood, emotion, intention, and predilection."

"My passion is showing our beautiful world through the camera lens, and presented in the amazing fine art prints, we as artists, have the privilege to create. I've spent over two decades learning and refining my skills in photography and in fine art printing."

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