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Collection of photos in the area of Northern Wisconsin and Lake Superior.
SNY01577-Pano_20180908_Getty_MAndersonSNY01558-Pano_20180908_Getty_MAndersonCropSNY01558-Pano_20180908_Getty_MAndersonSNY01549_20180908_Getty_MAndersonSNY01464_20180908_Getty_MAndersonSubjectively Objective #14Secret FallsSecret Falls #2Golden Forest Lake of the CloudsSable MeadowsChapel Forest in FallGolden Maple LeavesMonster Falls by Matt AndersonDancing with the Wind #1_3000px GPlusRapids & Roots on the Presque Isle River in BW #1_3000pxRapids & Roots on the Presque Isle River in BW #2_3000pxSuperior Ghosts 2560pxRock River Cascades in Fall 2560pxGrand Marias Lighthouse Master Final 2540pxGrand Marais Sailboats